We're here for Ontario's students because they are the future of our province.

As parents, we want what is best for our kids. We want them to achieve and succeed – to be prepared to meet any challenges they might face and to aspire to do great things. We want to give them a good start, the tools to not only define but decide their future and open the doors of limitless opportunity.

That good start begins with a good education.

A Conference Board of Canada report noted that education is the most powerful route to improving private and public prosperity and well-being: "Strong education systems not only lead people to higher incomes…and to contribute disproportionately to business innovation, productivity and national economic performance, but to have higher rates of civic engagement, life satisfaction [and a] tendency to make decisions that lead to healthier, longer lives.”  

Instilling that love for education starts early and it begins with our teachers and education workers, the dedicated professionals at the heart of our children’s education system. It is their passion that kindles the fire and instils in our students that life-long desire to learn. And it is more than just their commitment to what goes on in the classroom: it is their commitment to after-school programs, to sports teams, to the arts, and to creating a safe and well-balanced environment for our students to grow and learn.

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