If you think our students deserve the best education possible, call your MPP today!

Ontarians from across the province are speaking up about the Ford Conservative government's drastic cuts to our kids’ education. We know that an investment in our students is an investment in our province’s future and it’s time we let the government know that cuts to education will hurt our students and our province.
Call Your MPP
Notes For Your Call

If you think our students deserve the best education possible, use the tool below to call your MPP today! Remember to let them know that:

  • For our students to succeed and our province to prosper, we need government to invest in our kids’ education – not cut programs, critical resources and crowd more students into classrooms. 
  • Remind them that true fiscal responsibility means making the right investment today to ensure our province is sustainable for future generations. And there is no better investment than the one we make in our students. 
  • That as a constituent and voter in their riding, you expect them to stand up for your concerns and fight back against these cuts. 

Call Your MPP

If you think our students deserve a strong education system, one that equips them with the tools to achieve and succeed, then become a supporter today!