Cuts Create Crowded Classrooms

Do you agree that our kids deserve the best education possible? That won't happen with crowded classrooms and disappearing programs.

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I don't support cuts to our students' education.

I pay a lot in taxes and expect Ontario to invest in the most important priorities like education. Our students are our future and I want the best education possible for them. I don't support cuts and crowded classrooms.
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Ontario's students deserve the best education possible. But increasing class sizes and reducing the number of classes puts our students’ ability to learn and succeed at risk.

The Issue

The Ontario Government wants to increase class sizes. This cut to funding means 25% fewer teachers, resulting in a 25% reduction in the number of classes with no reduction in the number of students.  

In a crowded classroom, it's easier for our students to get left behind; there will be fewer resources to go around and less time for individual students to get the help they need.  This also means less time for educators to communicate with parents.

If you think our students deserve the best education possible, use the button below to email your MPP today! Let them know that you do not support cuts and crowded classrooms. Send a letter to your MPP today!

Who gets hurt by cuts to education?

Our Children

Our children will get less attention than they deserve and need in a crowded classroom.

Our Families

Families depend on their children getting a good education that prepares them for the future.  Any loss in resources, services, or staff jeopardizes their education.


We expect our taxes to pay for the most important priorities, like public education. Cuts to education put our students' and our province's futures at risk and that is not in anyone’s interest.

Jobs & Our Economy

Education is Ontario’s best investment.  Cuts to education will mean our kids are less prepared when it comes to finding good quality jobs near home.

Cuts and larger class sizes are not in the best interest of Ontario's students.

If you agree, join thousands of Ontarians who are sending letters to their MPPs, telling them that they do not support increasing class sizes and making cuts to education.

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Our students deserve the best education possible. Tell your MPP you want what's best for our kids.

Use the form below to send a letter to your MPP letting them know that you support investing in our students' education, not cuts and bigger class sizes. Join the thousands of Ontarians who are speaking up on this issue now!
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