Disappearing Programs

Our kids deserve the best education possible. But cuts to education funding in Ontario mean critical courses and programs could disappear, putting the quality of our kids' education at risk.

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I Do Not Support Disappearing Programs!

As parents, we only want what is best for our kids. We want the supports and programs in place to ensure that every student, at every level, is given every opportunity to succeed. But cuts to education funding in our province mean many of the programs that support our students could disappear.
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Disappearing programs mean gifted students and students with special needs will struggle to succeed.

The Issue

No two students are alike. While some students need additional supports, others need advanced challenges. While some aspire to university, others seek out opportunities in the trades. Whatever their needs, the goal of our education system should be to ensure every student at every level has every opportunity to succeed.

So why is our government putting that goal at risk with cuts to our students' education?

Larger class sizes and a 25% cut in the number of educators in our classrooms mean resources will be spread thinly, putting both the programs that support specialized education, and the students who rely on them, at risk. Our government should be investing in our students' potential, not making it harder for them to succeed.

If you think our students deserve a choice in their education and access to the kind of programs that will allow them to succeed, use the tool below to email your MPP today! Let them know that you do not support disappearing programs. Send a letter to your MPP today!

Who gets hurt by cuts to education?

Our Children

Our children will get less attention than they deserve and need in a crowded classroom.

Our Families

Families depend on their children getting a good education that prepares them for the future.  Any loss in resources, services, or staff jeopardizes their education.


We expect our taxes to pay for the most important priorities, like public education. Cuts to education put our students' and our province's futures at risk and that is not in anyone’s interest.

Jobs & Our Economy

Education is Ontario’s best investment.  Cuts to education will mean our kids are less prepared when it comes to finding good quality jobs near home.

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Every Student Deserves The Opportunity To Succeed.

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