Our Kids Need Less Screen Time, Not More.

Numerous studies have shown that high school students not only struggle with online courses, but that too much screen time can have a negative impact on their mental health. Ask your MPP today: Why is our government making it harder for our students to succeed?

Ask Your MPP Today:

Why is government making it harder for our students to succeed?

As Ontarians, we expect our public services to be of the highest quality. So why would we accept a lower standard for our kids? Increasing the number of e-courses required to graduate will not only have a detrimental effect on the quality of education our kids receive, but could negatively affect their mental health.
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Mandatory online courses will compromise the quality of our kids' education.

The Issue

In addition to reducing the number of specialized programs available to our kids, cutting the number of educators in our schools, and increasing the number of students in the classroom, the Ford government has recently announced that high school students will be required to complete four online courses in order to graduate…

But very little is known about the impact e-learning has on the overall quality of education our kids receive. '

What we do know isn't promising. Studies show that only a small minority of students excel at e-learning and those students tend to be high achieving, independent learners. For students already struggling, e-learning erects unnecessary barriers, lowers graduation rates, and removes the key academic supports they need to be successful.

Moreover, numerous studies have shown that the isolation resulting from an over-reliance on devices can have a detrimental effect on our kids' mental health.

Our government should be working to improve our education system, not making it harder for our kids to succeed in it. If you think our students deserve the best education possible, use the button below to email your MPP today! Let them know that these cuts go too far and put our kids' education at risk. Send a letter to your MPP today!

Who gets hurt by cuts to education?

Our Children

Our children will get less attention than they deserve and need in a crowded classroom.

Our Families

Families depend on their children getting a good education that prepares them for the future.  Any loss in resources, services, or staff jeopardizes their education.


We expect our taxes to pay for the most important priorities, like public education. Cuts to education put our students' and our province's futures at risk and that is not in anyone’s interest.

Jobs & Our Economy

Education is Ontario’s best investment.  Cuts to education will mean our kids are less prepared when it comes to finding good quality jobs near home.

Ask Your MPP Today:

Why is government making it harder for our students to succeed?

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