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If you think keeping our economy strong and our province prosperous requires an investment in the next generation of Ontarians, send an email to your MPP today!

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An investment in our students is an investment in our province.

An investment in education is not just an investment in our school system - it is an investment in our students and our province’s future. Let government know that you support the right kind of investment in Ontario.
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Education Cuts = Economic Uncertainty

The Issue

A recent Conference Board of Canada report noted that education is the most powerful route to improving private and public prosperity and well-being: "Strong education systems not only lead people to higher incomes…and to contribute disproportionately to business innovation, productivity and national economic performance, but to have higher rates of civic engagement, life satisfaction [and a] tendency to make decisions that lead to healthier, longer lives.”

That’s why the recently announced cuts to public education funding in Ontario are so puzzling.

The Ford Government has said its number one priority is getting Ontario’s economy back on track. But slashing the programs and resources available to our students undermines that objective. What good are short-term cost savings if it means the next generation of Ontarians won’t have the knowledge and skills to keep our economy growing? How can our province remain competitive if our students are under-skilled and under-prepared?  

If you think the jobs that will bring the next wave of prosperity to our province will require our students to have a top-flight education, send a letter to your MPP today! Let them know that we need to invest in our students' education.

Who gets hurt by cuts to education?

Our Children

Our children will get less attention than they deserve and need in a crowded classroom.

Our Families

Families depend on their children getting a good education that prepares them for the future.  Any loss in resources, services, or staff jeopardizes their education.


We expect our taxes to pay for the most important priorities, like public education. Cuts to education put our students' and our province's futures at risk and that is not in anyone’s interest.

Jobs & Our Economy

Education is Ontario’s best investment.  Cuts to education will mean our kids are less prepared when it comes to finding good quality jobs near home.

Let your MPP and the new Minister for Education know:

An investment in our students is an investment in Ontario.

Use the form below to send a letter to your MPP and the new Minister for Education! Let them know that you support investing in our students' education, not cuts and larger class sizes. Join tens of thousands of Ontarians who are speaking up on this issue now!
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