The Issues

As the dedicated professionals at the heart of our children’s education system, Ontario’s educators are committed to being here for students.

Whether it is in the classroom, through the extracurricular activities they organize, or the critical supports they provide, Ontario's educators ensure our students can learn and grow in a sound, safe, and reliable environment.

Beyond The Classroom

Extracurricular activities enrich students lives.
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Getting A Good Start

A strong education system gives students the foundation they need.
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Putting Students First

Investing In Education

Inspiring Students


A Good Start

Key Issue

Cuts Create Crowded Classrooms

Do you agree that our kids deserve the best education possible? That won't happen with crowded classrooms and disappearing programs.

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I don't support cuts to our students' education.

I pay a lot in taxes and expect Ontario to invest in the most important priorities like education. Our students are our future and I want the best education possible for them. I don't support cuts and crowded classrooms.
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