Keeping Students Safe 

After two and half years of learning in a global pandemic, it’s time to provide students with the necessary resources and services needed to maintain a safe and stable learning environment.

Keeping Students Safe 

Why does it matter?

If we’re going to give our students the safe, secure learning environment they deserve, we need to fix the over $17B repair backlog and ensure our schools have the ventilation, custodial and support staff, and resources needed to keep students in Ontario safe.  

We can no longer view the necessary supports and services that schools depend on to stay safe as cost-cutting items on a budget line. Students will get the stability they need coming out of COVID-19 when we ensure they have all the necessary tools to thrive.

We can keep students safe by


the over $17B repair backlog in schools


The number of custodial and support staff


Schools with the necessary ventilation
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