Investing In Education

The decisions we make today will decide not only the caliber of education our kids receive, but the people they grow up to be, the communities they help to build, and the prosperity of the province they live in.

The Issue:

A recent Conference Board of Canada report noted that education is the most powerful route to improving private and public prosperity and well-being: "Strong education systems not only lead people to higher incomes…and to contribute disproportionately to business innovation, productivity and national economic performance, but to have higher rates of civic engagement, life satisfaction [and a] tendency to make decisions that lead to healthier, longer lives.”

An investment in our teachers and support staff is not just an investment in our schools and our system - it is an investment in our students and our province’s future. By investing in our education system, we're ensuring our students can reach their full potential while building a system that can foster innovation and growth for generations to come.

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