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For Ontario’s Students!

Ontario has been recognized as having a world-class education system. But Doug Ford’s cuts threaten our students’ and our province’s future. We need to say NO to education cuts today!
When it comes to student outcomes, Canada and Ontario have been recognized by the OECD, the Economist, and McKinsey as having one of the top-tier systems globally, consistently ranking in the top 10 for math, reading and science. They credit our province’s success to continually improving our students’ learning experience in the classroom and ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to succeed.
But Doug Ford’s cuts threaten to undo that sustained success.
His cuts would see:
Educators Cut From Schools
Increase In Class Sizes
Fewer Courses For Our Kids
Lost in Economic Benefit
Want to stop Doug Ford's cuts? Tell your MPP to fight back against Ford's plan.
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We know our province is running a deficit, but cuts to education are not the answer.
Every dollar we pull out of education today will cost our province $1.30 in future economic benefit.
We need to ensure that we don’t go backwards by taking away the resources, classes and opportunities that have allowed our students to succeed.
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What We're Fighting For:
To ensure Ontario’s students continue to have access to a world-class education system, our government needs to:
Correct Class Sizes
Return the average class size in Ontario high schools to 22 students to ensure every student has access to the resources and courses they need to graduate.
Reverse Cuts
Reverse funding cuts to education workers, like counsellors, psychologists and early childhood educators, so Ontario’s students can learn in a safe and supportive environment.
Get Evidence
Study whether e-Learning is a viable and effective way for students to learn before making it a mandatory graduation requirement.
Want to stop Doug Ford's cuts? Tell your MPP to fight back against Ford's plan.
Email Your MPP
62,000+ Have Taken Action
Join thousands of Ontarians who have already taken action and email your MPP right now.
Doug Ford’s cuts will weaken our kids’ world-class education. We can’t let that happen. Don’t let them disrupt our kids’ education!

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