‘Bait and Switch’: Doug Ford’s New Numbers On Special Education Staff Funding Are Not Adding Up

"Education Minister Stephen Lecce claims special education will be fully-funded. Support staff workers say his numbers don’t add up."

Doug Ford’s government would have Ontarians believe it is making concessions on funding for special education support to secure a deal — but those involved in negotiations say the Ford government’s math doesn’t add up.

On Tuesday, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced the government would make concessions to help strike a deal with Ontario teachers by lowering its class sizes and allowing parents to opt-out of mandatory eLearning.

Lecce also pledged $148 million to cover the expenses of the Local Priorities Fund,which, among other things, helps cover the salaries of special education staff.

Except the $148 million in “total” funding Lecce announced appears to be nearly a hundred million dollars lower than had been previously committed to.

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Written by Press Progress
Press Progress
March 4, 2020
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Contributed by the Here For Students Staff
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