High-school research program cancelled amid funding dispute with Ontario government

"“I’m hard-pressed to explain the rationale and the logic behind all of this. Obviously to me, it doesn’t make any sense,” Mr. Guerette said on Thursday. "

A funding dispute with the Ontario government has forced the abrupt closing of an elite research co-op program, leaving about 30 students in the lurch, with some concerned about earning enough credits to graduate on time.

The program, run by the non-profit Foundation for Student Science and Technology, pairs gifted or exceptional Grades 11 and 12 students with professionals in science, tech, engineering, arts and math. The students, who are pursuing postsecondary education or careers in the fields, spend time researching the topic and doing literature reviews with the help of the mentors, while earning high-school credits.

The government had provided $50,000 in funding for the fall academic term, and executive director Jacques Guerette said he was surprised to learn just last week that money would not flow for students who are participating this term. The second semester began this month, and students found out this week the program would be shut down.

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Written by Caroline Alphonso
The Globe and Mail
February 27, 2020
Read full article at theglobeandmail.com
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