Ontario should focus more on reducing class sizes

"Time is now about to run out, with the new school year around the corner. The new federal money is surely welcome, and responds to fears that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Liberal MPs are hearing from parents across Canada."

What’s a parent to think? According to Premier Doug Ford, Ontario already has the best possible plan for reopening schools. “We have spared absolutely no expense,” he says, on the “safest, most cautious reopening plan in the entire country.”

How could you improve on that? And yet when the federal government unexpectedly coughed up $2 billion (including hundreds of millions more for Ontario) on Wednesday to make school reopening across the country safer, naturally the premier said thanks very much and vowed to make the province’s already perfect plan even more excellent.

Governments, indeed, keep insisting that everything’s just fine for reopening schools — and then announcing plans to do better. After two or three cycles like this, parents and educators naturally wonder how far short the latest version falls.

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Written by Editorial Board
Toronto Star
August 27, 2020
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Contributed by the Here For Students Staff
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