Students paying the price for Ford government’s education cuts

"Under the Progressive Conservative government, Ontario’s once renowned education system is being degraded. The cuts will force students to forge an education from the ruins of what once was."

Across Ontario, the shadow of the Progressive Conservative government’s massive education cuts loomed over the start of the school year. Students are already being forced to forge an education in the midst of reckless cuts. And although the repercussions will inevitably bring harm to those currently employed by the education system, the fallout will ultimately be felt by Ontario’s students.

The PC government wished to save money on the education file and recklessly followed the easiest path they could forge: increasing class sizes, reducing the number of teachers and cutting funding in a range of areas. All from a premier who dropped out of college.

It’s clear that these cuts are an injustice across the board, but how are these cuts going to harm students?

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Written by Nasima Fancy
Toronto Star
January 20, 2020
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Contributed by the Here For Students Staff
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