What’s the plan for reopening schools safely in Ontario?

"The government still hasn’t released the metrics it’s using to determine when it’s safe to reopen schools in COVID hotspots."

There’s only one thing parents want more than their kids going back to school, and that’s knowing they’ll be as safe as possible when they do.

The Ford government is right to stick with its plan to give students access to in-school learning even though COVID cases remain uncomfortably high in a great many Ontario communities.

Students are falling behind academically; they’re missing out on important social connections with their classmates; and parents, especially those with younger kids, are tearing their hair out.

But the government is failing when it comes to providing families, teachers and staff with the necessary assurance that there is a comprehensive plan to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in schools. And it’s running out of time.

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Written by Star Editorial Board
Toronto Star
February 1, 2021
Read full article at thestar.com
Contributed by the Here For Students Staff
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