Hybrid Learning Isn’t The Answer

Doug Ford's government has failed to step up for our schools and students. Join thousands of Ontarians who are increasingly concerned about the negative impacts on students caused by hybrid learning, and demand that Doug Ford make available the necessary resources needed to ensure the best quality of learning for students.

Hybrid Learning affects the quality of education for our students

Hybrid learning combines in-person and remote learners into the same classroom simultaneously, creating a confusing learning environment for students and making it difficult for educators to provide the necessary time and support our kids need to succeed. 

From the moment the Ford government knew the COVID-19 pandemic would affect all facets of Ontario’s public education system, they had an opportunity and responsibility to listen to public health experts who told them they needed to put in place the necessary health and safety measures for the 2020-21 school year. They chose to ignore this expert advice, as well as the voices of parents, students and educators.

The Ford government’s failure to act has caused many school boards, including the Toronto District School Board – the largest board in the country – to make the move to hybrid learning in order to ensure students can get the learning they need. A shift to hybrid learning means: 

  • Students will have difficulty getting the attention and help they need from their educator 
  • Educators have to juggle between in-person and remote students simultaneously
  • Costs are being prioritized over quality of education for students during a pandemic

The Ford government needs to step up and offer the funding and technical resources needed to ensure the best quality of learning and support is offered to students.

Instead of funding our students’ education or listening to educators, the Ford government would rather give an American consulting firm $3.2 million to help with Ontario’s school reopening strategy. 
Now, as COVID-19 cases are on the rise and thousands of students are making changes to their enrollment status, the Ford government is choosing to pass the buck to local school boards – many of whom are shifting to a hybrid learning model – instead of funding smaller class sizes.
This government is holding back millions of dollars in federal funding, and refuses to release those funds to help protect those living in Ontario. They are withholding vital funds that could create better learning conditions for students, while ensuring higher safety standards for students, education workers, and teachers.
Say NO to Hybrid Learning
The reality is: if Ontario’s classrooms were smaller, cases would be lower, and our students would be learning in a safe, in-person learning environment instead of in a hybrid format.
Join thousands of Ontarians who have already taken action and email your MPP right now.
If you think the Ford government should say NO to hybrid learning during the pandemic, and offer the necessary resources needed to ensure the best quality of learning for students, send a letter to the Premier and your local MPP today!