Doug Ford's

With cuts to education, Doug Ford is trying to balance his budget on the backs of Ontario’s students. That’s not only short-sighted, it’s shameful. We’re standing up for Ontario’s students. Will you stand with us?
Stephen Lecce
Education Minister
Education Minister Stephen Lecce has admitted that his government views these education cuts as little more than a fiscal exercise, as a way to balance the budget. But for 600,000 high school students in Ontario, it’s so much more. It’s their future.
A recent Conference Board of Canada report has warned that every dollar we pull out of education today will cost our province $1.30 in future economic benefit.
That means Ford’s cuts will hit students twice as hard, taking critical resources and classes away from them today while leaving our province worse off than when he found it.
That’s not fiscal responsibility — it’s flatly mortgaging our students’ future.
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Doug Ford’s cuts mean there will be:
Educators Cut From Schools
Increase In Class Sizes
Fewer Courses For Our Kids
Lost in Economic Benefit
Want to stop Doug Ford's cuts? Tell your MPP to fight back against Ford's plan.
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What We're Fighting For:
If our government cares about our students and our province’s future, we need them to:
Correct Class Sizes
Return the average class size in Ontario high schools to 22 students to ensure every student has access to the resources and courses they need to graduate.
Reverse Cuts
Reverse funding cuts to education workers, like counsellors, psychologists and early childhood educators, so Ontario’s students can learn in a safe and supportive environment.
Get Evidence
Study whether e-Learning is a viable and effective way for students to learn before making it a mandatory graduation requirement.
Want to stop Doug Ford's cuts? Tell your MPP to fight back against Ford's plan.
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62,000+ Have Taken Action
Join thousands of Ontarians who have already taken action and email your MPP right now.
If you think Ontario’s students deserve better, email your MPP today! Let them know that they don’t have to support cuts that will hurt our kids!

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