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Education in Ontario is a leading news story right now because hundreds of thousands of parents across the province are concerned about how cuts will hurt Ontario students. Below are a few of the latest stories about the issue. Read and share them if you are here for Ontario's students.

Secret document shows Ford government changed its mind before making online course mandatory for high schoolers

Toronto Star
Allowing students to do their full course load online seems at odds with the purpose of school, which is also for students to learn to socialize and work together with peers and teachers as well as join clubs and sign up for sports.

'Send it to a vote': Provincial teachers' union issues challenge to Ontario Premier Doug Ford

CTV News
I challenge (Ford) to bring forward his class size increases, bring forward his mandatory e-learning. Send it to a vote and have my members vote on it and we’ll see whether or not I’m accurately representing the wishes of my members.

One-day teacher strike closes schools in eight boards in Ontario

CTV News
Teachers were angered when the government announced that average high school class sizes would jump from 22 to 28 and four e-learning courses would be mandatory for graduation.

Ontario public high school teachers announce another 1-day strike

As a new year begins, we hope the Ford government and the Minister of Education will finally be prepared to do the right thing and negotiate a deal that is good for students, good for teachers and education workers, and good for the future economy of Ontario.

Ontario high school teachers hit picket lines for third job action

Mr. Ford and Mr. Lecce don't seem to care that the chaos that they've created in 2019 is going to be with us again in 2020.

Doug Ford wants his Mike Harris moment. Teachers won’t give it to him. Taxpayers will pay for it

Toronto Star
In fact, the teachers are asking only for an inflationary increase — below the 2.1 per cent average for collective agreements in the private sector.

Talks break down between province, teachers after first day of renewed bargaining

To claim that compensation is somehow the holdup, when in fact it’s quality of education and we had zero discussion about compensation today tells you that once again the minister is attempting to mislead the public.

Ontario education unions launch court challenges of public sector wage cap

This is not about money. It’s about the right to negotiate without government interference.

As a second strike day looms, no bargaining dates for province and teachers

Toronto Star
There is no good reason, there is absolutely no evidence out there that says larger class sizes are better for students. It’s absurd, and the government knows that.

High school teachers prepared to accept government mediation offer

680 News
The minister cannot claim that he is fighting for students and laser-focused on keeping students in class while at the same time insisting that cuts to their education and legislative interference in free collective bargaining remain in place.

High school teachers to walk out Dec. 11 in select locations

Doug Ford's agenda, if it is allowed to be implemented, will create long-term disruption for students across the entire education system, and leave publicly funded education in Ontario deeply and permanently damaged.

Public high schools across Ontario closed Wednesday as teachers hold one-day strike

The minister still wants to raise class sizes from the current 22.5 to 25 and he calls that an improvement. He still wants to go from the current zero e-learning courses to two and he calls that an improvement. Those aren’t improvements. Those are erosions of the quality of education.

Government consultation shows parents overwhelmingly reject class size increase

Global News
I think it shows that parents know what’s good for their kids, and they know a significant increase in class size, especially for kids that are struggling, will make it very difficult to learn.

What’s the Real Cost of Doug Ford’s Education Cuts?

Here For Students
Doug Ford has asked us to consider the deficit. Well, we have. What makes more sense to you? Saving our province $3.5 billion or spending $3.8 billion more?

60,000 Fewer Courses Available for Ontario’s Students

Here For Students
Under Doug Ford's plan, the average high school class size in Ontario will rise by 27%, students will be required to take mandatory online classes in order to graduate and, according to the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario

How Ontarians Can Stop Doug Ford’s Cuts

Here For Students
60,000 fewer courses will be available to our students, including the critical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and specialized education courses that allow our students to reach their full potential.

High school teachers describe negotiations with Ford government as 'slow and frustrating'

Newstalk 610
Sad to say, the government has come to us with not a single substantial proposal during those five days. They are dealing with trivialities and housekeeping and it's been slow and frustrating.

Analysis: Ontario to have 10,000 fewer teaching positions in public schools over next five years

The Globe and Mail
Another consequence of the short-sightedness of this massive reduction will be the dashed hopes of so many teacher-candidates who provide new energy and ideas to our excellent education work force

Class size changes will save billions but will mean 10,000 fewer teachers over five years: watchdog

CTV News Kitchener
The government will claim there is some foundation for their numbers.. Really what they're doing is trying to create an impression that their policy changes will be less damaging to student's education than they really will be.

Ford government shouldn't try to modernize education while cutting funding, new report warns

Our caution, our warning is, yes, modernize but watch cutting resources at the same time. It makes it very difficult to ensure that students are getting what they need.

Students will suffer the real impact of Ford’s education cuts

Toronto Star
These cuts will hurt struggling students, gifted students and generally make school a lot less interesting for all students.

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