We Are Ontario’s Frontline Teachers

Andrea is a Social Worker from Durham, Ontario who has seen the positive effect one-on-one relationships can have on a student's education. She worries larger class sizes will put those relationships at risk.
Daniela is a Child & Youth Worker from Toronto, Ontario. She worries that fewer support staff and educators in our schools could compromise the quality and safety of our students' education.
Shelley was a Student Support Partner in Brockville, Ontario. Due to funding cuts, all the Student Support Partners in her school board were laid off and she worries that students will have fewer places to turn when they need help.
Rachelle is an Educational Assistant from Manitouwadge, Ontario. She is concerned that cuts to education are going to affect both our students' future and the future of our province.
Mandy was a Student Support Partner from Lanark County, Ontario. Due to funding cuts, her board cut 24 Student Support Partner positions and she worries that students will have nowhere to turn for help.
Susan is a Speech Language Pathologist from Ottawa, Ontario. She knows the challenges some students face and worries that larger class sizes will mean less educator time for all students, not just those with special needs.
"It’s important that the government invests in education. Not just in teachers, but in [support staff]… when those supports are in our buildings, that helps students get ready to learn"
"I think it is important that our province, our government, invest in education because it is our future"
"When class sizes get too big, it is hard to provide individual support to students… and in some cases it can even become unsafe in the classroom"
"If you invest [in education] and put all the supports in place early, it creates less turmoil later in life"
"When you look at the return you get, every dollar you invest in early childhood education brings back money in the future"
"Investing in education is crucial to our entire society - it is really the foundation of everything"
"Being #HereForStudents means I’m able to provide the resources that students need at the time"
"Funding is critical when you’re thinking about providing services, providing access to a really authentic, relevant education"
"The children in our schools need extra support… we have so many students in our schools who could do so much better if they had that extra support"

We Are Here For Students.

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