Protecting & Strengthening Public Education in Ontario

For the past three years, teachers and education workers have been there for our students when they’ve needed them most. Now we need our government to do the same.

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Protecting & Strengthening Public Education in Ontario

Students deserve the benefit that smaller class sizes provide.
Students deserve a well-resourced in-person learning environment.
Students deserve to have permanent access to the supports and services they need.
Students deserve a government that won’t cut corners when it comes to public education.

Key Issues

As we transition to a world in which COVID-19 causes less disruption in our schools, our students deserve a return to normalcy and a return to a public education system that fully supports their future growth and development.

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We Are Ontario’s Frontline Teachers

Chief Custodian from Ottawa, ON
Custodians like Nick ensure Ontario’s students can come to school every day and learn in a clean, safe and secure environment. He believes education should be our province’s number one priority and that government should do whatever it takes to deliver the public education system our students deserve.
Sign Language Interpreter from Durham, ON
As a Sign Language Interpreter, Stephanie sees first hand the impact specialized supports and services can have on a child’s education. She believes now more than ever it is critical that we provide every student with access to the tools and supports they need to get their education back on track.
Occasional Teacher from Hamilton, ON
Paul is an Occasional/Supply Teacher from Hamilton, ON. Coming out of COVID-19, he knows that the key to getting students back on track is ensuring every student has access the supports and services they rely on to bolster their educational experience.
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