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Cuts Create Crowded Classrooms

Do you agree that our kids deserve the best education possible? That won't happen with crowded classrooms and disappearing programs.

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I don't support cuts to our students' education.

I pay a lot in taxes and expect Ontario to invest in the most important priorities like education. Our students are our future and I want the best education possible for them. I don't support cuts and crowded classrooms.

Keeping Education Strong

Ontario has been recognized as having a world-class education system. But Doug Ford’s cuts threaten our students’ and our province’s future. We need to say NO to education cuts today!

Stopping Doug Ford's Cuts

With cuts to education, Doug Ford is trying to balance his budget on the backs of Ontario’s students. That’s not only short-sighted, it’s shameful. We’re standing up for Ontario’s students. Will you stand with us?

Protecting Our Economy

Doug Ford has asked Ontarians to consider the deficit as they cut critical frontline staff and resources from our schools. But his cuts could end up costing our province $1.2B in new services every year. That’s not fiscal responsibility - it’s mortgaging our future.


Our kids deserve the best education possible. But cuts to education funding in Ontario mean critical courses and programs could disappear, putting the quality of our kids' education at risk.

Less Screen Time, Not More

Numerous studies have shown that high school students not only struggle with online courses, but that too much screen time can have a negative impact on their mental health. Ask your MPP today: Why is our government making it harder for our students to succeed?

In Our Future

If you think keeping our economy strong and our province prosperous requires an investment in the next generation of Ontarians, send an email to your MPP today!

Hear from Educators

We Are Ontario's Frontline Educators.

From teachers to education workers, Ontario’s frontline educators have first-hand experience with the challenges students face in the classroom. Our students need more support – not less.

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What The Media Is Saying

Here's the real impact of Doug Ford's cuts to education.

May 14, 2019
"These cuts will hurt struggling students, gifted students and generally make school a lot less interesting for all students."
October 14, 2019
"Sad to say, the government has come to us with not a single substantial proposal during those five days. They are dealing with trivialities and housekeeping and it's been slow and frustrating."
June 17, 2019
"Our caution, our warning is, yes, modernize but watch cutting resources at the same time. It makes it very difficult to ensure that students are getting what they need."
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I'm a constituent and I don't support increased classroom sizes and cuts to education. #onpoli# hereforstudents @Sflecce @samoosterhoff @fordnation
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Yes, I believe Ontario's students should be put first!

The decisions we make today will not only decide the caliber of education our students receive, but the people they grow up to be, the communities they help to build, and the prosperity of the province they live in. Become a supporter today and help give our students the education system they deserve!

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